“I was living in fear and pain because of past experiences and after our first session I already felt something moving inside.  With just one sentence she unlocked a big block that I had never faced before. Jessica gave me the tools to work on myself during this journey, and eventually I held the key to open something I never knew was hidden inside.” Claudia - Italian TV Host

“Shucking awesome!  That is the only way to describe life coaching with Jess.   She is the best active listener that I have ever met, with the background and experience to break down the barriers that hold you back from yourself.  Inside each of us is a pearl to be discovered.
Jess will help to guide you there!”
Doug - Serial Entrepreneur

"Jessica’s energy and positive outlook are matched only by her creative problem solving.  I have had so many potent insights after talking with her! She listens powerfully, and her questions are thought-provoking and sharp, but couched in a caring manner that allows you to look at difficult things directly. She creates an atmosphere of possibility that nurtures and nourishes new ideas and ways of looking at life.  I would heartily recommend her as a life coach and Master Shucker!" Christianna - Animal Advocate

“I’ve worked with Jess for about 6 months, it has been an eye opening experience.  She has helped me to find a better path based on sound principles. It’s clear that Jess has found her niche.  One might say she has an almost telepathic empathy, seeing and sensing things that clients may be unaware of or even trying to hide.  She does not let me get away with avoiding difficult topics or changing the subject when there is serious shucking to be done.” Jack - Fortune 500 Executive