Why Your Job Sucks


Why Your Job Sucks

Admit it.  You are browsing the Internet and reading this right now because your job just plain sucks.  You have tried to reframe your frustrations by telling yourself meeting the 100K mark with your mileage account by June makes traveling a breeze or that filling in that excel spreadsheet really sharpens your mind and reduces your chances of Alzheimers.  At the end of the day, and really the beginning of the day, you look around and wonder how did I get here.  How did I end up with a job that sucks this much?

One simple answer.  You are not the same person you used to be.

To illustrate the point let’s look at someone who decided to go into consulting.  This could be true for any job or any age.  Here they are, 22 years old, and fresh out of college.  They decide on a career in consulting because they want to travel they world!  They want to see and experience new cultures, even if it is just Kansas City.  At least that is what they tell themselves.  The reality is they are also traveling the world to escape.  Escape from commitment.   Escape from life.  They just don’t know it yet.       

The traveling consultant then travels to a new city every week for the next ten years.  They love their job even if they don’t really know what a city looks like outside of the airport and Marriott décor since they often work over 60 hours a week.  They have also developed a passion for business and strategy.

Ten years later they start to become tremendously frustrated with everything about the travel.  It exhausts them thinking about navigating the maze of people at the airport or being crammed on an airplane like a sardine for four hours even though that used to be what excited them.  Instead of traveling with their vacation time they just want to be home.

Why is it the most attractive part of the job, traveling, has now become the least attractive part of the job?

The traveling consultant woke up.  They realized they couldn’t escape from life anymore and needed to face what it was they were running from.  They did the internal work and maybe, just maybe they started to like who they were which is what scared them from commitments in the first place.   As a result they also started to love everyone around them.  They desired a family or more time with the family they already had.  They want to be part of their community.  They want commitment as opposed to escaping from it.

What was the most attractive aspect of the job when that 22 year old was eager to travel, and ultimately escape their fear of commitment, has no value to them anymore.  Instead of running from commitment they are embracing it.  That’s why the job sucks.  They still love business.  They love strategy.  So now what? 

It is time to find a job that works for who they are today and it is time for YOU to find a job for who you are today.  What is it you love?  What is important to you?  Be clear on what it is you want and go for it.  Being in a job that sucks does not serve anyone, especially not you.  Well, maybe it serves me since this article got your attention… 


Shuck Vocabulary


Shuck Vocabulary

In Eric Weiner’s book, The Geography of Bliss: One Grump’s Search for the Happiest Places in the World, he points out that our society has many more words to describe “unpleasant emotional states than pleasant ones”.  He coined the term “conjoyment” to describe Swiss happiness, which is “more than contentment but less than full on joy”.  Think of it as a solid state of happiness where there are no peaks, like the majestic Matterhorn, or valleys, like Centovalli.

The real question is why are there more words to describe unhappy states of being than happy states of being?  Is that because we need to talk about our problems to feel better?  Is it because we like to hear about other people’s problem because it makes us feel better?  Or could it be we just have not spent enough time focusing on the growth of happiness? 

Let’s shuck our vocabulary!  Together we can create more vocabulary to describe the different states of love and happiness we experience to show how important peace and joy is in our lives.  For example, to open up and look at the beauty within by releasing old patterns, stories, or judgments is called shucking.  I also think Starbucks could hand out Happy Boosts on the side of the caffeine which would simply be a quote or photo to make one smile.

Here are some other ideas…

Unconditional love is the only phrase I know how to describe the love I feel for my niece and nephew.  When I say the phrase though it does not quite capture the deep fire and warmth that emanates from my every fiber for my love for them.  I propose we call this firlove.

I may not bring out Kleenex at a wedding to wipe away tears of joy.  There is a fountain of tears when I watch someone doing something nice for someone else though.  I propose we call this fountainous

Do you remember when it actually became more enjoyable to give gifts than receive them?  I feel such a sense of delight and satisfaction when I know I have created just the perfect gift for someone I love.  The action you perform for someone else makes you happy.  I propose we call this actioness.

The pure delight derived from observing others do something that makes them happy such as opening that special gift you felt actioness giving.  I propose we call this obserlove.

What about that friend you have grown to love over 10, 20, or even 50 years of life events?  A deep-rooted love that has grown while time has elapsed.  I propose we call this elaption.

To make this work I need your help!  Please share your ideas to grow our vocabulary to reflect how important happiness and love is in our lives!!!   


Recipe for Eggsicles and Life

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Recipe for Eggsicles and Life

It’s once in a blue moon I get to share an intimate experience as meaningful as freezing my eggs to extend the possibility of motherhood as it unfolds.  My journey has been so beautiful that I want to share the generations old recipe I used to create the pearlfect experience for my eggsicles.  My greatest hope is that you use this recipe to create what you want in life whether it is a gorgeous garden, a fulfilling career, or a loving family of your own.

1.     Get ORGANIC ingredients

Sometimes called a Vision Board or Ideal Scene, take the time to consider what is important to you.  What is organic to you?  Write it down.  Cut out pictures and make a poster.

 Our thoughts create our realty so it is important to determine what it is you want to experience.  Let go of any attachments of how it has to be.  It may, and likely will, be better than you could ever imagine.  Trust that whatever happens is in the highest good of yourself and everyone involved.

What is it that is in your HEART?

2.    Sprinkle with LOVE

Love yourself first.  What is it you desire to create what is in your heart?  For me it was important to have flowers in my house, daily meditations, and daily walks on the beach as the eggs were maturing.

 Now let others love you.  What is it you might desire from others?  It’s okay to ask!  Many of my friends have never been through the process and I am pretty sure none of the guys have, at least directly.  They had no idea how I was feeling or what I needed.  I had to ask for the love and support I was looking for and it came in walks by the beach, eating juicy burgers and fries, getting all the ginger in Whole Foods to curb any nausea, and help with the shots in the bum.  And guess what, I know they were happy to be there to support me!!!

And for those of you looking to support someone going through this process just ask!  Ask them how you can be supportive.  Trust your heart.  One idea may be creating a little care package that has an egg timer and freeze-dried ice cream or hosting an egg fry to help raise funds.  If you are a manager maybe you can work with HR to make it a benefit at your company or give your employee the time they need for all the appointments.  The opportunities to sprinkle in love are endless!!! 

Is there somewhere in your life you could be more LOVING to yourself?  To others?  Might there be an opportunity for you to ask for LOVE? 

3.    Stir in HUMOR

There was nothing inherently fun about going to the doctor every single day for two weeks to get my blood drawn or shooting myself with drugs sometimes as many as six times a day and having just as many bruises to show for it.

My intention was to make it fun and that is eggsactly what happened.  The laughs rolled in…

-       Making a smiley face out of the bruises from the shots

-       Seeing the metaphor of how I never want another prick in my life again

-       Imagining how high maintenance these babies might be if life is starting this way…eeks!

-       Cutting down the college savings plans for these possible babies to pay for the process

-       And perhaps my favorite, a shirt that says “Just Chillin” since it cracks the ladies at the clinic up just as much as me

How could you add a little more HUMOR to your life?

4.    Swirl in GRATITUDE

I am full of gratitude!  I am grateful this process even exists.  I am grateful for all the people who have done this before me to make it what it is today.  I am grateful for my healthy body to be a vessel of love.  I am grateful that I am no longer a teenager as I was reminded of the time with all the blemishes I experienced.  I am grateful for the financial abundance to pay for the process.  I am grateful that companies like Facebook and Apple provide this for their employees (and pray that it becomes the norm).  I am grateful for Spirit creating the space I needed to go through this so gently.  I am grateful I got to wear the same moo moo every day and not even think twice.  I am grateful for all the people in the clinic following their passions and serving all of us on this path.  I am grateful for my family and friends supporting me.  I am grateful I trusted myself.  I am grateful for me.   

Gratitude fuels and transforms our lives!  Where could you swirl in more GRATITUDE in your life?    

5.    CHILL and ENJOY!

I got the organic ingredients, sprinkled with love, stirred in humor, and swirled in gratitude.  Now it is time to sit back, CHILL, and ENJOY!!!

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MORE is not always better

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MORE is not always better

“There are four follicles that are growing nicely.  Slow, but nicely.  We’d rather them grow slow than fast.”  These are the words that came from my beautiful doctor who has a smile that lights up all of San Diego and is shepherding me through the egg preservation process.  (See previous posts for more insights around my egg preservation journey.)

My understanding is every follicle produces a single egg.  My math tells me that equates to four possible eggs when they do the extraction.  I am no mathematician, but that also tells me this is lower than the 10 to 20 eggs they were hoping to extract when I first started this journey. 

Since I am new to this I reconfirmed my understanding of the science.  In my heart I was hoping that all of those years I had to be right about everything that I was actually wrong.  I asked how many eggs does each follicle produce?  One.

Now I was hoping my math was wrong.  So I asked does this only mean I could have four eggs?  Yes.  Darn, I was right again.

My heart sunk.  Never had I considered anything less than the 10 to 20 eggs they were hoping for.  This is a fairly new technology so the statistics are new and not necessarily representative of the technology that exists today.  However, the statistics I have heard is that about one in six eggs is a success when trying for an embryo.  Not the best odds if you have only four.  Plus, the other thing to consider is not all the eggs extracted may be viable.  So four could be three or two or one or…

So many thoughts swirled my head.  I have been doing everything they asked with all the shots at all the right times, bottles and bottles of vitamins, refraining from alcohol, no exercising, etc.  Okay, so I have been having caffeine.  My body is healthy.  I am still relatively young which is why I am doing the process now.  Why would I only be getting four eggs?

When I got to my car the weight of the tears streaming down my face started to turn my smile into a frown.  I don’t wear frowns well.  I knew it was time for me to shuck.  What were the tears telling me?

To start with it is important to feel the emotions when shucking.  If you try to suppress an emotion it stays with you and manifests in other ways.  Be with the feeling.  Use the feeling to understand what is going on inside to plant a new idea to culture. 

The key for me prying open the story behind the tears was the word “only”.  By going within I was able to see that I had an idea that more was better.  If I have MORE eggs it will increase my chances of motherhood down the road.

My experience with the eggs is the surface level experience though.  Significant for me, yes, but only the surface so it is important to go deeper to really heal the core of what is going on for me. 

To go deeper to the core you can ask where else does this show up in my life?  If I am more loving, achieving more, more funny, more, more, more…then, only when I am MORE, I will be enough.  When I am enough I will be loved.  This is simply not true.  I am loveable just the way I am.  This idea, that I am enough just as I am in, is what I want to plant in me so I can shine my pearls.

Once you understand what the emotions or physical experiences are telling you it is time to plant new ideas.  Turn the grit into pearls.  I was able to look at the number of eggs in a whole new way! 

-       How blessed I am that I am only so bloated.  If there were 10 to 20 more follicles growing who knows how big this belly might be!!!

-       I still have a week left and maybe some sleeper follicles wake up in my own awakening.

-       The soul that wants to come through my eggs didn’t want any competition.  (Love this one from a beautiful soul sister, Betsy)

-       All you need is one.

-       Motherhood may not be my journey or it may look a different way than having my own child.

Now it is time for me to surrender and trust that everything is happening as it is supposed to for my highest good and for the highest good of everyone involved.  And you, I guess you will have to practice patience as you wait to see where my journey takes me!!!

What in your life might you be able to shuck?  I invite you to go within and see what grit you can turn into a pearl!!!

I do want to take a moment to honor all the beautiful souls, men and women, going through any journey around parenthood.  I honor your courage and strength of heart.  It may not be easy.  Just know that you are surrounded with love every step of the way.

Jessica Zemple


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The Testosterone Paradox

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The Testosterone Paradox

As part of my egg preservation process I have had to take testosterone.  (NOTE: The prescribed drugs for each woman going through the process are different.) 

The first thing the nurse tells me is one of the potential side effects of testosterone is an increased libido.  Okay.  This made sense to me.  I actually thought I just may understand men a little more.  How great! 

The second thing the nurse told me is that I should NOT get pregnant while on testosterone as it is dangerous for a fetus.  Fortunately I am not actively trying to get pregnant.  I am preserving my eggs for the possibility of children down the road. 

How about all the women going through this process who are actively trying to get pregnant?  I found it quite ironic that they would be going through all this effort to get pregnant yet one of the steps in the process steers them away from what their heart desires.

Life is a paradox.  It’s often our greatest strengths that are our biggest opportunities.  Mine was perfectionism.  I spent my entire life being “perfect” and constantly being rewarded for it.  I got recognition for being the top of my class, the captain of my sports teams, for being so fit, and, and, and…

What people didn’t see was how much pain I had inside striving for perfection.  I thought perfection was something I had to achieve to be loveable.  The pain ran so deep that my parents actually put me on suicide watch when I got my first B in high school. 

It was not my parents nor society that put this pressure to be perfect on me.  It was me.  I created some story in my head that if I was perfect I was loveable.  This is simply not true and needed to be shucked.  The truth to plant and culture is I am perfect just the way I am and completely loveable, warts and all.  We are ALL perfect and loveable just the way we are.  

What are your strengths?  What is on the other side of those strengths?  How about the people you interact with whether it be your children or your colleagues?  How might you be able to look at their behavior differently?

I encourage you to consider the possibility that behind every strength you see in this world there is an opportunity.  The opportunity is to show yourself or someone else in your life more compassion and love. 

On a side note, the other irony with the testosterone is that I am also supposed to refrain from working out during the last couple weeks of the egg preservation process.  As an avid cyclist this bums me out because people pay big bucks to pump themselves with testosterone to ride better! 

The good news though is I never did grow a beard, at least more than I already have.

Jessica Zemple


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Signs are everywhere...IF you are open to receiving


Signs are everywhere...IF you are open to receiving

In the spirit of Easter this year I decided to freeze my eggs.  Well, let’s be honest.  I didn’t decide anything.  Spirit decided for me and I listened.  (As always please feel free to replace Spirit for any concept that works for you – God, Buddha, The Universe, My Heart, Marvin Gaye, etc.) 

In January, my dear friend, who is on a complicated road to motherhood, mentioned to me that I should consider freezing eggs.  She, now in her mid-forties, wishes she could turn back the clock and make the decision to freeze eggs earlier in her life since it was no longer an option for her.  (Thankfully this beautiful world of ours has presented her with other choices to be the amazing mother she is called to be!) 

For those of you who may be unfamiliar with the process there is an extraction of eggs at an earlier time in a woman’s life for a time when eggs may not be as healthy or even produced, giving the option to have a baby later in life.  Once the eggs are extracted there is a choice of carrying the baby on your own or through a surrogate.  (Forgive the simplicity of my explanation or my lack of medical expertise.)

I am simply touched at the generosity of my girlfriend’s heart.  While going through such tough times of her own she had the strength of heart to still help me on my journey.  I have so much gratitude for her because she was the first one to plant the seed, or in this case, the egg idea.  I listened to her advice and took it to heart.  My heart is where it stayed for a couple months.  (My dear friend, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.)

It was a Monday afternoon in March and I went to my gynecologist to explore some light bleeding I had in between my cycles.  During the visit my doctor did an ultrasound to see if anything was going on.  I sat there and watched the picture of my body, the body that could carry a baby, in fascination.  My first thought was sheer bewilderment of the technology we have in this world.  This increased my respect and gratitude for all my former CareFusion / BD colleagues who spend every day bringing medical technology to us with the highest quality.  Along the same lines let’s talk about the technology for egg preservation.  Unbelievable!!!

My second thought watching the ultrasound was what an amazing experience this must be for new parents seeing their baby for the first time.  This is the first time I really remember embracing that feeling of potentially being a parent.  I had considered being a mother many times before, especially when I get time with my niece and nephew.  The considerations of motherhood were always at a cerebral level though.  I was now feeling it at a heart level.  (On a side note, the ultrasound showed that I am going to be just fine with a little pipe cleaning.  I believe I was really only there for this beautiful heartfelt insight of motherhood.)

As “luck” would have it, the very next day I was at dinner with one of my dearest friends.  She shared with me that she was going to start the process of freezing eggs.  Hmm, of course you are!  Thanks Spirit!  Just in case I missed the previous signs you so brilliantly planned for this to come up with my girlfriend.  Any doubts or fears I may have had seemed to melt away knowing that my dear friend was going through the process too.  An added bonus is that now my little eggsicles are going to have some freezer buddies!

So here I am.  My friend suggesting I freeze eggs in January.  An ultrasound to give me a sneak peak of what it may feel like to see a baby for the first time in March.  A dinner with my girlfriend telling me she is freezing eggs the night after the ultrasound.  To make it even easier for me both girlfriends recommended the same fertility clinic.  Time to call!   

Just after the initial meeting with the clinic I shared my story with another dear friend, who had saved sperm years earlier due to a battle in which he kicked testicular cancer’s a$$, said to me “Funny, I was just thinking about you and saving eggs.”  Coincidence?  I think not.

There are no coincidences in life.  When one is aligned with their heart and open to what the universe has to offer, they will see and experience everything they need to move forward in this beautiful journey called life and expand more fully into the love that they already are.  The signs are everywhere whether it is in the words of a song, a billboard that you drive by, a book you have read a million times and never quite seen a certain passage until the very day you needed to read it, or my personal favorite, messages that come through my niece and nephew.

Could I be making meaning out of nothing?  Perhaps.  But I ask you, what is the worst thing that could happen if that is true?  That I have a way to help me hear what is already in my heart? 

In my case, I didn’t even consciously know it was time to answer the question of egg preservation and yet the universe kept pointing me where I needed to go.  I surrendered.  I trusted.  I listened.  I listened to the world.  I listened to my heart.  Perhaps the world and my heart are one in the same! 

What is it you are looking to answer in your life today?  Are you open to trusting the universe to provide you the answers you are looking for when the time is right?  Try it right now.  Ask the world for an answer.  Be patient.  Be open.  Receive.  Repeat.


P.S. Not all my blog posts will be about the egg preservation process.  It just happens to be a big part of my life right now and a lot of lessons for me that I can share to inspire even just one beautiful soul!    


What does schizophrenia have to do with freezing my eggs?


What does schizophrenia have to do with freezing my eggs?

I am 37 and not sure whether I want children or not.

For years I never even considered having children.  I kept telling myself that if I was in the right partnership the answer would become clear.  There is some truth to that.  There are a lot more truths to that as well.

My father has schizophrenia.  Some people believe schizophrenia is genetic.  When I was younger I too believed schizophrenia was genetic.  (Today I don’t see it so black and white.  Maybe I’ll write more about that another day.)  I spent every single second of every single day of my life in fear of getting the disease until my 25th birthday.  Somewhere I read that the disease typically shows up by a person’s mid-twenties so I made up this arbitrary date of salvation from schizophrenia.  I told myself if I could make it to 25 then I’d be okay.  My experience with the disease was dreadfully awful.  I spent much of my childhood hiding in a closet to protect myself from the rage that the disease created in my father.  I never ever wanted to be the monster I met in my childhood.

Every time I had any sort of emotion I thought it was a sign that I had schizophrenia.  I was so afraid to be schizophrenic I learned to suppress all of my emotions until my precious little body or soul could not take it anymore and I would explode like Mt. Vesuvius.  My explosions often occurred with my mother, step-father, and brother where I felt the safest.  Sometimes it happened with friends or strangers.  Never was it anything I was proud of.  I thought the explosions meant I had schizophrenia.  I don’t.  Or I may have it somewhere inside of me and it has never been triggered.  Maybe everyone has it inside of them.  I am not sure.

While prying and looking within to the stories I had created I realized I was still carrying fears of schizophrenia with me.  I was afraid of my father because I thought he was a monster.  I was afraid I would pass schizophrenia on to a child.  I was afraid that I would have to deal with another monster after spending my whole life hiding from my father.  I was afraid of having the conversation with a future partner that our child may have schizophrenia because of me.  I was afraid no man would ever love me because I may be carrying the genes.  It was only when I uncovered all these fears that I realized how that was impacting my life, especially my decision around children. 

With the brilliant teachers I have had on my spiritual journey, especially Drs. Ron and Mary Hulnick, I learned I did not have to live in fear.  I could plant new ideas that would allow me to live in love through acceptance and reframing issues as blessings. 

The first truth is my father is not a monster.  My father is another beautiful soul and pure love.  My father has a disease that made him behave in a way that I considered a monster.  That is not to say I condone his behavior.  I do not approve of any abusive behavior.   

I also believe we are on earth with a specific curriculum to learn.  My curriculum included my experiences with my father.  Those experiences have also helped me with my calling to help others follow their dreams.  If my curriculum includes having a child with schizophrenia I will accept my lesson and my child with an open and loving heart.      

The perfect partner for me will not care whether my father has schizophrenia.  My partner will accept the possibility our child may have schizophrenia if we choose to have children.  My partner will love me, and any children we may have, for everything we are.  I will love him for exactly who he is too!

Had I been living the fears around schizophrenia I never would have even considered motherhood.  By cultivating these new beliefs I was able to make a decision to freeze some eggs for the possibility of having a child, with or without schizophrenia, in the future. 

Now it’s time to look at your life.  What are your fears?  What are those fears holding you back from?  It’s time to shuck those fears and live from a place of love!!!

Jessica Zemple



I see you.

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I see you.

I was walking to a workshop on Coaching Success with one of my favorite inspirational people in the world, Dr. Robert Holden, when I walked by a young man who was wearing tattered clothes and looked as if he had not seen a shower in days.  I said good morning, as I do with most people I see, and kept walking. 

What happened next stopped me in my tracks.  “Thank you” was whispered at me in a soft, crackling voice.  “I am sorry.  I didn’t quite catch what you said.”  I had heard him.  I was just so surprised by the words that I had to hear it again just to make sure.  “I said thank you.  No one ever sees me.”.

A day earlier Dr. Holden taught us an exercise based on the South African concept of Ubuntu which means I am, because you are.  We are all connected.  All one.  In the exercise we look into the eyes of another person in the workshop, moments earlier a stranger.  The first person says “I am here to be seen.”  The other person responds by saying “I see you.”  And then you reverse roles.  It is a powerful experience.  You have to be vulnerable to let them in and really see you.  You have to be present to really see them. 

Coincidence I met this young man on the street, Matt, and had the opportunity to really see him?  I think not.  I told Matt I saw him and he broke down in tears.  Any fear I had engaging with him washed away with his tears.  I learned his story of losing his job due to his mental illness and his family deserting him leaving him to fend for himself on the streets.  My father also has a mental illness, schizophrenia, and it made Matt’s story even more touching to me.  I saw my father in his eyes.  I saw Matt.  I saw myself.  I saw that we are all one.

How many people do you pass through the day and not even notice?  What if you looked just one of those people in the eyes and said hello?  What if you really looked in the eyes of your parents, your partner, your children, or your best friends?  What if you asked them to see you?  I invite you to try it and share your experiences with this remarkable community.  If this can melt away just one issue in our society or build a stronger bond in just one relationship I’ll consider it a shuckshesh!

Notes of Gratitude: The University of Santa Monica does a similar activity at the end of every class weekend called soul gazing.  Since USM is so near and dear to my heart I want to acknowledge Drs. Ron and Mary Hulnick too.  I also want to acknowledge the Challenged Athletes Foundation for first introducing me to Ubuntu when we rode across South Africa to raise money for this unbelievable organization (www.challengedathletes.org).

Jessica Zemple


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Shuck the Extra Baggage

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Shuck the Extra Baggage

Shuck the Extra Baggage

Our history travels with us.  The past is our baggage.  As the baggage piles up the weight of the baggage gets unbearable to carry and you can no longer move forward.  You are stuck in one spot.  If you can shuck the baggage, you make room for more of life’s experiences and are able to go forward on your journey.  Who are you if you leave the baggage of your memories behind?  What if you even left the good baggage behind?  Are you open to the possibility that something even better could happen?

To shuck the baggage you must first look at what the baggage is.  What memories are you holding on to?  What are you telling yourself?  What are you telling the world?  Perhaps you feel like a friend betrayed you and you are waiting for an apology.    

Think about how much energy it is taking to hold on to the perceived injustice.  Every time you see something that reminds you of that friend you feel the injustice.  What are the feelings in your body?  Is your back tensed?  Is your chest heavy and making it hard to breathe?

Think about how much disappointment has been created waiting for an apology that has not, or may never, come.  Again, what are you feeling around the disappointment?  What is going on in your body?  Are you sick to your stomach?

Your baggage is now the injustice and disappointment.  What is that baggage gaining you other than aches and pains in your body or a loss of energy that can be used on creating the life you want?

Now that you have identified the memory or story it is time to move into acceptance.  To do this it is helpful to look at alternative possibilities.  I can hear the voice inside your head now “Alternative possibilities?  My friend betrayed me and I deserve an apology!” 

I know, I know.  You are right.  Your friend betrayed you.  Okay, but what are you gaining by being “right”?  The only person that is being hurt by the weight of the extra baggage of the injustice and disappointment is you.    

Consider the possibility that your friend was doing the best they knew how at the moment.  Perhaps your friend thought they were helping you out.  Perhaps your friend is jealous and they have never been taught how to understand and communicate their feelings.  How does this change your perspective?  How does it change the feelings in your body?  If you can move into acceptance of the situation you can shuck the unwanted baggage and open up space for new possibilities.   

Shucking takes practice.  Some memories and stories may take more time to shuck than others.  Always remember to be patient and kind with yourself as you are learning the art of shucking.

Now I invite you to shuck the extra baggage to see who you really are and where life can take you!!!

Jessica Zemple


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