Shuck the Extra Baggage

Our history travels with us.  The past is our baggage.  As the baggage piles up the weight of the baggage gets unbearable to carry and you can no longer move forward.  You are stuck in one spot.  If you can shuck the baggage, you make room for more of life’s experiences and are able to go forward on your journey.  Who are you if you leave the baggage of your memories behind?  What if you even left the good baggage behind?  Are you open to the possibility that something even better could happen?

To shuck the baggage you must first look at what the baggage is.  What memories are you holding on to?  What are you telling yourself?  What are you telling the world?  Perhaps you feel like a friend betrayed you and you are waiting for an apology.    

Think about how much energy it is taking to hold on to the perceived injustice.  Every time you see something that reminds you of that friend you feel the injustice.  What are the feelings in your body?  Is your back tensed?  Is your chest heavy and making it hard to breathe?

Think about how much disappointment has been created waiting for an apology that has not, or may never, come.  Again, what are you feeling around the disappointment?  What is going on in your body?  Are you sick to your stomach?

Your baggage is now the injustice and disappointment.  What is that baggage gaining you other than aches and pains in your body or a loss of energy that can be used on creating the life you want?

Now that you have identified the memory or story it is time to move into acceptance.  To do this it is helpful to look at alternative possibilities.  I can hear the voice inside your head now “Alternative possibilities?  My friend betrayed me and I deserve an apology!” 

I know, I know.  You are right.  Your friend betrayed you.  Okay, but what are you gaining by being “right”?  The only person that is being hurt by the weight of the extra baggage of the injustice and disappointment is you.    

Consider the possibility that your friend was doing the best they knew how at the moment.  Perhaps your friend thought they were helping you out.  Perhaps your friend is jealous and they have never been taught how to understand and communicate their feelings.  How does this change your perspective?  How does it change the feelings in your body?  If you can move into acceptance of the situation you can shuck the unwanted baggage and open up space for new possibilities.   

Shucking takes practice.  Some memories and stories may take more time to shuck than others.  Always remember to be patient and kind with yourself as you are learning the art of shucking.

Now I invite you to shuck the extra baggage to see who you really are and where life can take you!!!

Jessica Zemple

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