It’s once in a blue moon I get to share an intimate experience as meaningful as freezing my eggs to extend the possibility of motherhood as it unfolds.  My journey has been so beautiful that I want to share the generations old recipe I used to create the pearlfect experience for my eggsicles.  My greatest hope is that you use this recipe to create what you want in life whether it is a gorgeous garden, a fulfilling career, or a loving family of your own.

1.     Get ORGANIC ingredients

Sometimes called a Vision Board or Ideal Scene, take the time to consider what is important to you.  What is organic to you?  Write it down.  Cut out pictures and make a poster.

 Our thoughts create our realty so it is important to determine what it is you want to experience.  Let go of any attachments of how it has to be.  It may, and likely will, be better than you could ever imagine.  Trust that whatever happens is in the highest good of yourself and everyone involved.

What is it that is in your HEART?

2.    Sprinkle with LOVE

Love yourself first.  What is it you desire to create what is in your heart?  For me it was important to have flowers in my house, daily meditations, and daily walks on the beach as the eggs were maturing.

 Now let others love you.  What is it you might desire from others?  It’s okay to ask!  Many of my friends have never been through the process and I am pretty sure none of the guys have, at least directly.  They had no idea how I was feeling or what I needed.  I had to ask for the love and support I was looking for and it came in walks by the beach, eating juicy burgers and fries, getting all the ginger in Whole Foods to curb any nausea, and help with the shots in the bum.  And guess what, I know they were happy to be there to support me!!!

And for those of you looking to support someone going through this process just ask!  Ask them how you can be supportive.  Trust your heart.  One idea may be creating a little care package that has an egg timer and freeze-dried ice cream or hosting an egg fry to help raise funds.  If you are a manager maybe you can work with HR to make it a benefit at your company or give your employee the time they need for all the appointments.  The opportunities to sprinkle in love are endless!!! 

Is there somewhere in your life you could be more LOVING to yourself?  To others?  Might there be an opportunity for you to ask for LOVE? 

3.    Stir in HUMOR

There was nothing inherently fun about going to the doctor every single day for two weeks to get my blood drawn or shooting myself with drugs sometimes as many as six times a day and having just as many bruises to show for it.

My intention was to make it fun and that is eggsactly what happened.  The laughs rolled in…

-       Making a smiley face out of the bruises from the shots

-       Seeing the metaphor of how I never want another prick in my life again

-       Imagining how high maintenance these babies might be if life is starting this way…eeks!

-       Cutting down the college savings plans for these possible babies to pay for the process

-       And perhaps my favorite, a shirt that says “Just Chillin” since it cracks the ladies at the clinic up just as much as me

How could you add a little more HUMOR to your life?

4.    Swirl in GRATITUDE

I am full of gratitude!  I am grateful this process even exists.  I am grateful for all the people who have done this before me to make it what it is today.  I am grateful for my healthy body to be a vessel of love.  I am grateful that I am no longer a teenager as I was reminded of the time with all the blemishes I experienced.  I am grateful for the financial abundance to pay for the process.  I am grateful that companies like Facebook and Apple provide this for their employees (and pray that it becomes the norm).  I am grateful for Spirit creating the space I needed to go through this so gently.  I am grateful I got to wear the same moo moo every day and not even think twice.  I am grateful for all the people in the clinic following their passions and serving all of us on this path.  I am grateful for my family and friends supporting me.  I am grateful I trusted myself.  I am grateful for me.   

Gratitude fuels and transforms our lives!  Where could you swirl in more GRATITUDE in your life?    

5.    CHILL and ENJOY!

I got the organic ingredients, sprinkled with love, stirred in humor, and swirled in gratitude.  Now it is time to sit back, CHILL, and ENJOY!!!

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