Admit it.  You are browsing the Internet and reading this right now because your job just plain sucks.  You have tried to reframe your frustrations by telling yourself meeting the 100K mark with your mileage account by June makes traveling a breeze or that filling in that excel spreadsheet really sharpens your mind and reduces your chances of Alzheimers.  At the end of the day, and really the beginning of the day, you look around and wonder how did I get here.  How did I end up with a job that sucks this much?

One simple answer.  You are not the same person you used to be.

To illustrate the point let’s look at someone who decided to go into consulting.  This could be true for any job or any age.  Here they are, 22 years old, and fresh out of college.  They decide on a career in consulting because they want to travel they world!  They want to see and experience new cultures, even if it is just Kansas City.  At least that is what they tell themselves.  The reality is they are also traveling the world to escape.  Escape from commitment.   Escape from life.  They just don’t know it yet.       

The traveling consultant then travels to a new city every week for the next ten years.  They love their job even if they don’t really know what a city looks like outside of the airport and Marriott décor since they often work over 60 hours a week.  They have also developed a passion for business and strategy.

Ten years later they start to become tremendously frustrated with everything about the travel.  It exhausts them thinking about navigating the maze of people at the airport or being crammed on an airplane like a sardine for four hours even though that used to be what excited them.  Instead of traveling with their vacation time they just want to be home.

Why is it the most attractive part of the job, traveling, has now become the least attractive part of the job?

The traveling consultant woke up.  They realized they couldn’t escape from life anymore and needed to face what it was they were running from.  They did the internal work and maybe, just maybe they started to like who they were which is what scared them from commitments in the first place.   As a result they also started to love everyone around them.  They desired a family or more time with the family they already had.  They want to be part of their community.  They want commitment as opposed to escaping from it.

What was the most attractive aspect of the job when that 22 year old was eager to travel, and ultimately escape their fear of commitment, has no value to them anymore.  Instead of running from commitment they are embracing it.  That’s why the job sucks.  They still love business.  They love strategy.  So now what? 

It is time to find a job that works for who they are today and it is time for YOU to find a job for who you are today.  What is it you love?  What is important to you?  Be clear on what it is you want and go for it.  Being in a job that sucks does not serve anyone, especially not you.  Well, maybe it serves me since this article got your attention…